On Sunday, I went to check out a new glass studio in Santa Cruz. My old partner has been working there for several months. It was so nice to be in a shop and near molten glass. After we got there, two other glassblowers showed up with a six year old boy. He was super cute and bounced around saying "we love fire!"

After all the introductions and tours were done, it was time for glass. The other two went first. The shop owner has a tree branch made into a mold. It had been soaking for months. They decided to try and blow into it. The resulting texture was amazing. Prior to the mold, he worked on making an airplane. It broke in the glory during a flash because it got too cold. However, we suspect he let it get cold on purpose because it was terribly ugly.

My turn at the bench! One thing about glassblowing is it is very male. So, I was hazed quite a bit. It has been months since I had the opportunity to work with glass. I am very rusty. The little boy was drawing with chalk on the concrete floor. He drew a dinosaur so that is what I tried to make.

I went right for the punty instead of a blowpipe which was the first choice to tease me about. I figured I had a better chance with solid sculpting instead of blown. I shaped the body, added four legs, and a neck and head. The head I made followed the Italian style used in making dragons. Everyone had an opinion on the best way to approach it. However, they were all so nice and helpful, at least, underneath the teasing banter. It felt like a hazing into the group. I think I passed.

The dinosaur survived and made it into the annealer. It will likely go to the the little boy and I will never see it. I hope my friend has the opportunity to take a picture of it. We used the scrap powder to color it so the gods know what color it will be.