Current Company

  • HighWire
    • Created CSS, HTML, XHTML, and JavaScript for the journals.
    • Verified sites worked with supported browsers, including IE 7.
    • Worked with other developers in migrating journals from the older platform to the current one.
    • Systemically fixed bugs as they are logged into Jira, the bug tracking system.
    • Worked on cross-functional teams to address the UX for company wide roadmap projects.
    • Mentor other developers with less experience in front-end development.
    • Researched the pros and cons of moving CSS into minified files.
    • Lead UX expert on the team.
    • Wrote the team's CSS Standards Guide.

Previous Companies

  • Apple Store
    • Added accessibility tags to the store
    • Added a new navigation bar site-wide, excluding the homepage
    • Optimizing css for the iOS on the iPhone4
    • Creating HTML/CSS for the holiday shipping page on the Apple Store app