Previous Companies

  • MarkLogic
    • Primary responsibility was developing Proofs of Concept for customer data as part of sales. Covered the entire POC process, including collecting and documenting customer use cases, designing user interfaces, creating Balsamiq wireframes, implementing the UIs with CSS, HTML, XHTML, and JavaScript (for both desktop and mobile devices), and performing QA and verification on the final result. Created a large number of POCs, sometimes in as little as a week. Created an internal site to catalog and demonstrate POCs to serve as examples for future sales opportunities.
    • Also worked as a UX and design advocate and resource within MarkLogic, mentoring teammates on UX/UI/Design concepts, creating wireframes for internal projects, and created a Healthcare icon font.
    • GitHub repositories: slush-marklogic-node, MarkLogic Data Hub, DemoCatalog
  • HighWire
    • Main responsibility was developing new and maintaining existing features for the journals. This entailed verifying compatibility in all supported browsers and devices, including legacy ones. I systematically fixed bugs as they were logged into Jira or Salesforce. Mentored other developers with less experience in front-end development. Was involved with verifying and fixing sites to conform to accessibility standards.
    • As the lead UX team member, I researched best practices for CSS, such as moving to minified files. Worked on cross-functional teams to address the UI/UX for company-wide roadmap projects. Wrote the CSS Standards Guidelines for the team.
    • Worked with other developers in migrating journals from the older platform to a new one.
  • Apple Store
    • Added accessibility tags to the store
    • Added a new navigation bar site-wide, excluding the homepage
    • Optimizing css for the iOS on the iPhone4
    • Creating HTML/CSS for the holiday shipping page on the Apple Store app
  • Ebates
    • Utilities for merchant thumbnails
    • Experimental treatments of merchant images
    • Ebates' Toolbar download
    • Interesting rollovers