Professional Overview

Experienced UI/UX designer and Web developer with strong background in mobile development, information science, testing and mentoring. Committed to best practices for helping users easily obtain the information they need. Team-oriented with appetite for continual learning.


Senior Field Engineer at MarkLogic

July 2013 to April 2017

  • Primary responsibility was developing Proofs of Concept for customer data as part of sales. Covered the entire POC process, including collecting and documenting customer use cases, designing user interfaces, creating Balsamiq wireframes, implementing the UIs with CSS, HTML, XHTML, and JavaScript (for both desktop and mobile devices), and performing QA and verification on the final result. Created a large number of POCs, sometimes in as little as a week. Created an internal site to catalog and demonstrate POCs to serve as examples for future sales opportunities.
  • Also worked as a UX and design advocate and resource within MarkLogic, mentoring teammates on UX/UI/Design concepts, creating wireframes for internal projects, and created a Healthcare icon font.
  • GitHub repositories: slush-marklogic-node, MarkLogic Data Hub, DemoCatalog
Senior Application Software Developer at HighWire Press, Stanford University

May 2011 to July 2013

  • Main responsibility was developing new and maintaining existing features for the journals. This entailed verifying compatibility in all supported browsers and devices, including legacy ones. I systematically fixed bugs as they were logged into Jira or Salesforce. Mentored other developers with less experience in front-end development. Was involved with verifying and fixing sites to conform to accessibility standards.
  • As the lead UX team member, I researched best practices for CSS, such as moving to minified files. Worked on cross-functional teams to address the UI/UX for company-wide roadmap projects. Wrote the CSS Standards Guidelines for the team.
  • Worked with other developers in migrating journals from the older platform to a new one.
Front End Developer (Consultant for Apple Inc.) at RedOak Technologies

May 2010 to May 2011

  • Created HTML and CSS for Apple's online store (
  • Worked on the product launch for the new iMac.
  • Worked on mobile store application projects.
  • Implemented a new navigation bar on secondary pages in the store.
  • Participated in accessibility projects.
Senior Web Developer at

August 2009 to May 2010

  • Coded in Velocity, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS for
  • Developed tools in Velocity for better viewing of merchant screenshots.
  • Participated in rolling out the new widened site.
HTML Developer at Snapfish

July 2008 to August 2009

  • Provided the HTML, XML and CSS for
  • Developed HTML emails to be sent with Responsys.
Developer at Virgin Mobile USA

August 2005 to July 2008

  • Provided the HTML, XML and CSS for
  • Worked on a team to move the site from a table to tableless design in CSS.
  • Created and maintained the emergency website for system outages.
  • Mentored the more junior team members.
Web Coordinator at Kaiser Permanente

June 2004 to August 2005

  • Provided the HTML, CSS and JavaScript for Kaiser's multiple Intranet sites.
  • Created a JavaScript variables page to separate content from presentation.
  • Worked with a team on developing the CSS standards using HTML structural tags.
Web Developer at Collabrys, Inc.

August 2000 to May 2004

  • Provided the HTML, CSS and JavaScript for Collabrys' multiple web based projects and coordinated activities of the HTML developers.
  • Created the HTML for Beta and Gold version of the Java based Collabrys software, which is instrumental in producing emails for our clients.
  • Managed and developed the HTML for all of our customer email sends.
  • Lead the HTML Developers to better coordinate work efforts to produce improved end results.
Site Builder at

July 1999 to August 2000

  • Working closely with Project Managers, provided the HTML and JavaScript for's site, where customers purchased online software.
  • As part of a team, wrote HTML for the external corporate site. Worked with engineers to create the HTML user interface around the more advanced programming.
  • Developed the HTML for the corporate Intranet and communicated with department heads and other personnel to organize and provide content and materials for the Intranet.
  • Worked closely with Project Managers to make the site more usable and logical for the customer so they would return to the site and use the product.
Additional experience available upon request.

Hardware, Software & Languages

  • Prefer the Mac but proficient with PC. Familiar with iPad, iPhone, Surface Pro and some knowledge of Android platform. Have tested apps and websites on most of these platforms.
  • MarkLogic, Git, GitHub, CVS, SVN, TextMate, SublimeText 3, Balsamiq, Illustrator, Acrobat, Photoshop, Oxygen, Eclipse, Terminal and office productivity tools.
  • CSS 3, LESS, SASS, HTML5, Javascript: jQuery, some Angularjs, beginning ReactJS, some Xquery and XSLT

Recent Conferences and Classes

Adobe MAX 2014, HTML5DevConf 2014, jQuery Conference, MarkLogic World 2014, MarkLogic Developer classes, Introduction to Drupal


San José State University, San José, CA
2005 to December 2009

  • Completed the Masters of Library and Information Science program at San Jose State University.

Relevant Coursework

  • Vocabulary Design, Research Design, Reference, Online Searching, Cataloging, Metadata, Digital Libraries, Systems Analysis, Archives & Manuscripts, and History of Books and Libraries
  • GPA: 3.569

San Diego State University, San Diego, CA
BA English, Creative Writing