About my work history and interests

I have worked as a web developer since 1996 and have a Masters Degree in Information and Library Science. My particular interest is how to deliver usable and accessible websites.

My technology experience is fairly wide. I have been a web front end developer for many years. I currently work at Stanford's HighWire, which is a part of the University Libraries. In this position, I work on the UI for our journals. Here, I am using jQuery, HTML, CSS and XML for the front end. The system is extensive and uses XML, XSL and XSLT for some of the processing. I am the lead UI person for the team of Journal Developers. I work as the point person for all the graphics and interactions that need to happen on a journal site. I am mentoring a more junior person who would like to learn more about front end development. This position works across the company with other teams to implement ideas and functionality. I recently worked on a project to improve the experience for searchers coming from Google. We were showing only a smaller view of a pdf extract to those users. I implemented a modal window design which allowed for a larger view of the pdf.

In this field, what interests me most is delivering usable and accessible sites with great design. My studies outside of the office include JavaScript, HTML5, CSS 3 and usability. I am primarily interested in becoming a more skilled programmer. In the recent past, I attended the jQuery Conference in San Francisco and HTML5 Developer conference in San Francisco. In December, I will attend the Tufte talk in San Jose.

About my personal interests

I am decent glassblower and a skilled equestrian. I have been blowing glass for about six years and I've been a horse woman for over 20 years. I live in the south bay and try to grow enough food in my garden to last all winter. So far, I am not independent of the grocery store but it is fun to grow so much produce.