Creating the E-Portfolio project was an inspiring and difficult experience for me. The process of working on the degree had become consuming, and I had nearly forgotten the reasons I chose to pursue the degree. I had become bogged down in assignments, unable to see the full scope of the last four years. While working on this culminating project, part of the process was to review everything I wrote and thought and did. This review and analysis reminded me why I chose this degree and why I feel passionate about information organization and digitization. I had not realized until I had finished the project how tied I am into the web development field nor how much I enjoy it when given the right opportunity. With this body of work in front of me today, I feel better equipped to work in my current field or to begin a new career as a librarian. This is the place of freedom, to have a choice in directions.


I affirm that all introductory, reflective, and evidentiary work submitted is mine alone (except where indicated as a group or team project), and has been prepared solely by myself.