This afternoon, I was inspired by my neighbor to work in my garden. I whacked back my huge blackberry patches to be confined into their planter boxes. It was much easier than it was in previous years because they weren't in a growth spurt. They were covered in buds so I'm hopeful for SPRING! Last year, we had a great crop of berries and it was because they were cut back. Besides if we do nothing, the berries will take over the world.

After the berries, I did some basic cleanup in the garden. I trimmed back the dead stuff and saw a lot of new green shoots in the onion patch. I will have to pull up my dead broccoli and chard. Poor little bastards. It has been so cold this winter. I probably won't get to plant until April or late March. I also need to add compost back to the garden. I was thinking about just top dressing the empty bed with fresh horse poo. I certainly have enough of it. And get some of it into my compost bin. I have not been good about having a real compost pile.